About Us

Prudent Technology Systems

We Provide Solutions For The Future!

We partner with industry subject matter experts to study and identify gaps and opportunities in various industries. We try to invide young and upcoming talent pool to assist in the job creatiion and also expanding our hirizon with new skills. Our offerings include

  • Web and Mobile Solutions Development
  • Software as a Servive - SaaS
  • Business Process Management

Our Innovations are driven by the Environment we live in including the Culture and Norms of our societies, regulatory environment and other factors that drive business activity


At Prudent Technology Services, we offer the following services

Web design

We design and develop web based systems and apps

Business Process Management

We map and redisign business processes to meet changing business needs and environment

Systems Analysis and Design

We do environmental scan to understand your business, then analys and recommend best solution


We provide various solutions on the web through SaaS model. See our portfolio for available solutions

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Let us analyse your data and provide meaningful insights to grow and monitor your business

IT Consultancy

We provide general ICT Consultancy for small to medium enterprises in Lesotho


  • Our innovative systems


Logistics Management System


Society Management System


Online Pharmacy Marketplace